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Dr. Gustaf Dalen

Dr. Gustaf Dalen - Swedish physicist and Nobel Prize Winner

In 1922, Dr. Gustaf Dalen, a world renowned Swedish physicist and Nobel Prize Winner, lost his sight following an explosion during an experiment with pressurized liquids and gases.

Kept at home, Dr. Dalen learned how his wife was exhausted and harassed by the constant need to care for and watch over food as it was cooked. Although unable to see, he was determined to develop a cook stove that was both capable of every culinary technique and easy to use, with perfect results.

Adopting the time-honored principle of heat storage, he combined a small and efficient heat source, two large hotplates and two generous ovens into one robust and compact unit -- the AGA Cooker. More than 70 years later, the AGA Cooker remains outstanding in its ability to cook food with better taste and flavor.

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Inside the Legendary Aga Cooker
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